Amant's Mom
“We feel very excited and honored that our son was accepted to be a part of this great school. It feels that we have made the right decision as the school shows accountability and transparency. We feel comfortable in speaking with the principal and the teachers, and we are happy that the environment of the school is both stimulating and engaging.“


Mother of Eliz and Noyan
Hello, I am a mother of two kids who sends my kids to Montessori Tirana. I would like to share with you, my experience. Actually, I wasn’t a Montessori mom. We were just looking for a place that is safe, clean, peaceful, and able to support their growth and respond to their wishes. After a long search, we found Montessori Tirana which has great conditions for a child to stay 8 hours at school. The meal is very tasty, healthy, and balanced. Besides this, the most important thing for us is that our children are happy. They love their teachers and school very much. And now I believe I made a pointed choice about Montessori Tirana and my children are lucky to be part of this school. Thank you for everything Montessori Tirana Team!


Leonor's Mom
My name is Elsida and I’m a mother of two girls. My first daughter is 8 years old and my second daughter is 3 years old. They were born and lived in Barcelona and two years ago we came back to Albania. We were very lucky that “Montessori Tirana was opened that year. The girls had also practiced the Montessori method in Spain and I was very happy when I found myself here. Even the conditions and the structure seem to be a real paradise for children. I really appreciate the healthy food and the dedication they put even into the details It’s an amazing feeling to see Leonor go off to school every day, smiling and happy and knowing that she is doing what she loves. All children are different. They have a different outlook, a different spirit. Respectful of themselves and their surroundings. I think all parents hope to find the best educational program for their children. In the classroom, students are free to choose the activity. For me is important that children who learn in Montessori classrooms demonstrate stronger social-emotional skills in many areas than children in more-traditional environments. I think all parents hope to find the best educational program for their children, but I think that we found it.


Abel's Mom
Hi, My name is Abisa and I’m a mother of 2 children. 6 six years ago, when our daughter was almost 3 we were looking for a kindergarten for her (of course the best one 😊). After long research, we did the best choice to put her at Montessori School. Things were super during all the years that she was there and it was a “new school” even for us. The way how they learn, how they play, how they behave with each other, with the family, with nature, and everything that surrenders us is very impressive. Times up so fast and it was the day that we have to do the next choice for our daughter to have the preschool at her kindergarten or at the new school? The three of us choose that it is much better for her to do the preschool there at her “place”. Exploring new materials, learning to read stories in the books, learning to use numbers, and learning to write down letters, words, and his/her and family names. Learning to know and write numbers. Learning to be patient to work on her curiosities etc but the most important thing is not to forget to play and enjoy every moment during school. Maybe for us as a grownup are simple things now, but believe me that when you see their eyes and how proud of themselves they are when they learn to do all these things what we can do is choose the most comfortable place for them to make them be “hungry” on learning. Letting them learn new things that will prepare them for school and for life in a known and familiar place will make them more confident and they will have more curiosities in the future. We choose twice for our daughter and for our son to have the preschool class at his/her kindergarten.