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Our Philosophy

What is Montessori?

The Montessori pedagogy is based on Maria Montessori's work in understanding the developmental needs of the child. Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) was born in Italy and was one of the first female Doctors in Italy. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times in 1949, 1950 and 1951. Today Maria Montessori is seen as one of the most influential thinkers on childhood education for the 20th and 21st century. Her methods and philosophies are still being practised over a 110 years later in Montessori schools world-wide. Maria Montessori's theories and understanding of brain development in childhood is now being scientifically proven with the help of modern technology. Our growing understanding of how a brain develops is resulting in more and more new ideas on how we should be educating children where Maria Montessori had already spoken about these exact theories over 100 years ago...
Guiding The Young Generation To Success.

Our Goal

We are committed to an individualized, quality education, outside the traditional standards of the current educational system. Children at our school acquire at least the “same final product” as in a traditional center but are fully prepared and for everything necessary in their lifelong adventure, as they are used to freely exercising their own judgment and will, guided by their imagination and their enthusiasm to learn. Only children like these are able to fully exercise their tasks as citizens of a civilized community.

Our Vision

We acknowledge that all members of our community including children, families and teachers have rights and all interactions.

Our Mission

Montessori Tirana is a vibrant learning community where families and staff and together.
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Our healthy food...
Montessori Tirana works with Nattive where healthy and nutritious plates are made. Natural and organic food, seasonal and local products are used, nutritionally balanced and adapted by growth stages. Through a respectful cuisine with producers, raw materials and nature, and always from the nutritional balance, dishes with all the flavor and the greatest contribution of macro and micronutrients result. We are fully convinced that the best way to feed ourselves is to recover natural and non-aggressive processes.

Happy Environments

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