Privacy Policy

The Data Controller processes the personal data of children and their families and/or competent personnel, employees, candidates, suppliers, contractors, potential clients and interested third parties to have more information about the educational institution Montessori Tirana shpk, offered through the platforms and applications used by this institution.

The personal data processed are mainly as follows:

• Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and other contact information;
• Data related to the family;
• Residence, location
• Data on family and siblings;
• Education and employment data;
• Images, audio and video recordings, including CCTV footage (video images);
• Financial information
• previously attended educational institutions.

Other types of data that the Data Controller may collect and process, depending on the school’s purposes, relate to health conditions and other information, such as:

• Information about an individual’s health condition;
• Behavioral information;
• Special educational needs;
• Criminal documents of a certain individual;

How your personal data is collected and processed

The Data Controller collects information in various ways, including:

• In person or by phone;
• Through the website, including information obtained through cookies on the site
our website;
• Delivery by letter or electronic mail, or by hand.
• Through online tools: such as applications, educational platforms and social networks used by staff;
• Through the CCTV video surveillance system that is placed in the premises or facilities of the educational institution;
• Through third parties, such as legal representatives, professionals or other bodies;

Purposes for which personal data is processed?

The Data Controller processes personal data to legally and legitimately carry out the educational activity of the institution. The Data Controller collects and stores the information of children and parents, legal guardians when necessary for:

• Responding correctly to the legal requirements and conditions of the contract concluded between the parties;
• Ensure that the child meets the admission criteria of the educational institution;
• Providing educational services, including supporting student learning, monitoring and reporting on student progress;
• To provide social and psychological assistance services to the children who are part of the institution.
• Management of the Summer Camp of the educational institution Montessori Tirana shpk;
• Provide children with medical care, catering service and school transport, as well as other auxiliary services;
• To meet the educational, social, physical and psychological needs of children;
• To respect the law on personal data regarding the transfer of personal data;
• Fulfill legislative or administrative obligations;
• For the activities related to the internal offices of the school (eg administration of the institution);
• To enable contacting parents/legal guardians of children in case of emergency or closure of the educational institution or to inform parents about their child’s educational progress or educational activities, etc.;
• In order to celebrate the achievements of the educational institution and keep a record of its history, photographs may be taken and images of students recorded for sharing, for example, in yearbooks, the school website, etc. . This is always only based on prior information and written consent from parents or adult students;
• To send commercial communications, only if these have been previously requested and authorized by the data subject.
In the case of a CV received through our website, in the dedicated section, We as Large Controllers will process the information provided on the basis of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, as amended, to include the application in the process of selection or to consider him for future positions.

The information will be stored only for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose, or when the candidate withdraws his/her consent for a period of time not exceeding 12 months from the moment of application. In these cases, the data will be securely removed from our files.

Personal data can be communicated to third parties only when it is necessary for a safer recruitment and to fulfill the legal or business purposes of Montessori Tirana shpk, only with the written consent of the interested party and for the same purposes legitimate mentioned above.

Who are the Persons with whom we share your personal data?

Montessori Tirana shpk, as the Data Controller, may be forced to share personal data with the competent authorities or with third parties, as required by law, to fulfill legal obligations or on the basis of specific consent given by the interested party .

We will ensure that, where appropriate, contractual safeguards are in place to ensure the protection of your personal data when disclosed to third parties; for example, by signing data processing agreements with interested parties (which include restrictions on the use of your personal data and obligations regarding their protection and security).

Entities to whom the Data Controller may disclose your personal data, as indicated above, may be located in countries outside Albania, including countries that may offer a lower level of data protection.

In such cases, in the capacity of the Data Controller, it will establish the appropriate measures to ensure the proper protection of your personal data in accordance with the legislation in force for the protection of data in Albania.

Your personal data will not be sold to third parties.

Storage of Personal Data

Your personal data will only be stored for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, with the exception of a longer period of time for archiving purposes in the public interest, or for scientific or historical research purposes or for statistical purposes. Once your personal data are no longer needed or their processing is no longer allowed for legal or commercial purposes, or you have withdrawn your consent, they will be destroyed or anonymized according to the Information Security Measures previously approved by Montessori Tirana shpk.

Your rights

In accordance with the Law on the protection of personal data, the Data Subject is the owner of the rights related to the processing of his/her personal data. However, these rights are subject to certain exceptions and limitations.

The data subject has the right to:

• To be informed, at the time of personal data collection, about data processing.
• To have access to the information processed by the Data Controller and the way it processes it, as well as to receive a copy of the personal data, taking into account legal restrictions and legal exceptions;
• Request the deletion without delay of your personal data held by the Data Controller, taking into account the limitations and exceptions of the law;
• To correct personal data by providing a supplementary statement;
• To obtain the restriction of the processing of personal data when they are incorrect, illegal, unnecessary or unverified, taking into account the limitations and exceptions of the law;
• Object of processing for marketing purposes;
• Revocation of consent at any time and freely for the processing of personal data.

The revocation of consent does not affect the lawfulness of consent-based processing carried out prior to its revocation.
The interested party can exercise their rights by sending a specific written request, together with a copy of the identity card, to the email address of the Contact Point of Montessori Tirana shpk.


The interested party has the right and possibility to revoke the consent given for any specific purpose and at any time, without affecting the legality of the processing carried out according to the consent given before the revocation.

Children or Minors

Montessori Tirana shpk will not collect and process, under any circumstances, data from subjects who are under the age of 18. Always for these persons, the express consent of their parents or legal guardians will be required.

Information Storage and Security

The Data Controller will use appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity and privacy of personal data, preventing unauthorized access or illegal processing, as well as accidental loss, destruction or damage to files.

Shared use with social networks

The website contains links to the parent portal and other educational platforms, as well as social networks such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Our educational institution is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such sites. You should be aware that the processing of your personal data is carried out by these sites or social platforms and is specifically governed by their privacy policies.
If you do not want these sites or social platforms to collect and process your information, please review their respective privacy policies and/or log out before using our Services.

Cookies used on our site.

We use Cookies (known as “files”) to provide you with a better experience when using our website, as well as to store information about our visitors. This information is associated with your session ID and is a way to provide access to an individual user. The cookies that we use on our website and that require the informed consent of the user are functional cookies and necessary for the maintenance of the official website. Consent is not required for mandatory cookies, which are those of a technical nature necessary for the operation of the site or the provision of services expressly requested by the user. You can find more information on Cookies at the link: here


If the data subject is not satisfied with the response of the Data Controller, wishes to discuss any aspect related to this privacy policy, or if he believes that the Data Controller is processing his personal data in violation of the legislation current data protection, please contact our Contact Point: [email protected]  or you can direct your request for a final solution to the Commissioner for the Protection of Personal Data, with the address: Rr Abdi Toptani, No. 5, Tirana and e-mail: [email protected].

Privacy Policy Updates (highlights)

Montessori Tirana shpk may need to periodically update this privacy policy (highlights), so we recommend that you review this policy from time to time.

This version was last updated in January 2024.