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At Panda Class, we follow the Montessori philosophy focusing on the early stage of life. We encourage children to be independent, confident, and enthusiastic in their learning. We promote children to love and respect each other and to take care of the environment.

We support children’s transition from home to school, offering a prepared environment and caring adults. We have the privilege to have a passionate team who strives to create positive relationships with the children and their families. The practitioner’s role is fundamental, especially during transitions. In our classroom children have the opportunity to explore the Montessori Curriculum for toddlers, in a prepared environment that offers freedom within boundaries. Panda Class is divided into different areas of learning spaces by low, open shelves. Each child is guided through the hands-on materials adapted to the needs of our age group. In this way children can follow their interests;  they can work, they can play, they can practice what they already know and develop new skills in all areas of their development; Physical, Intellect, Language, Emotional or Social, in their own pace.

At Panda Class, we also pay special attention to language and movement through group activities such as storytime and dance, since they are key aspects for children at this age of life. The three pillars of our classroom philosophy are the child, a prepared environment, and the role of the teacher. The Montessori philosophy is based on the idea that children’s learning and development are encouraged by a favorable environment, which is prepared by empathetic practitioners who “follow the child”.


“The foundations of education must be based on the following facts; that the Joy of the child is in accomplishing things great for her age; that the real satisfaction of the child is to give maximum effort to the task in hand: that Happiness consists in well-directed activity of body and mind in a way of Excellence; that strength of mind and body and spirit is acquired by exercise and experience; and that true freedom, has as its objective, service to society and to mankind consistent with the progress and happiness of the individual”

Montessori, M (1966) What you should know about your child.

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  • 18 months -2.5 / 3 years

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