Toddler | Chipmunks

Anisa Progonati

Lead Teacher
Casa Class


In this learning environment, children work independently, observe others, explore freely, and express their curiosity and creativity.

A self-care area fosters toilet awareness and independence in maintaining personal hygiene (such as learning how to wipe one’s nose and wash hands independently).

A sleeping area with individual floor beds/mats that allows toddlers to exercise autonomy in preparing for rest and allows them to get up independently once rested.

 There is also an area for gross motor activities to help children coordinate their movements, and low tables that enable them to help prepare, serve, eat, and clean up their snacks and meals.

  • 16
  • 3
  • 8am - 16:30pm
  • Monday, Friday
  • English
  • 3
  • 18 months -2.5/3 years

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